GasCore - Software de análisis de datos basado en Web

GasCore is an intuitive, web-based data collection and management solution providing comprehensive tools for site visualisation, analytics and pressure management.

GasCore builds on Technolog’s excellence in data logging, remote data collection and pressure management by complementing its cutting edge technology with a highly stable and configurable web based platform.

Características Principales

  • Poderoso Multi centro operativo en la nube
  • Análisis de datos y configuración de sitios al instante
  • Verificación del sitio
  • Configuración y Administración remota de los Cello de Technolog
  • Completamente compatible con todos los navegadores modernos
  • Instalación compatible en un servidor local o una intranet corporativa

GasCore provides administration of multiple login accounts. Specified users are presented with a ‘Dashboard’ that provides immediate visualisation of sites, status, communications and performance.  Analysis viewer provides both tabular and geographical interfaces to display site communication status and data verification.

Easy graphing of sites, with options to totalise data, compare profiles, with fluid and intuitive graph navigation.  Multiple sites or channels can be viewed on a single graph using a simple ‘drag and drop’ e.g. to compare minimum night flows or the effect of flow against multiple pressure points within a distribution network. Automated Meter Reading (AMR) data can be displayed in an easy to read table.

Google Maps are integrated with GasCore as standard. Site locations can be plotted to allow easy location of Technolog’s Cello data loggers and pressure controllers. GasCore supports Google ‘Street View’ to allow visualisation of site locations. Site and installation photos can be uploaded.

The Dashboard provides links to all current alarms and site warnings. Site Alarms can automatically forwarded to one or more mobile devices or email addresses based on criteria as defined by the administrator. Recipients of an alarm on a mobile device may request further site information by sending an SMS message to the server. Groups can be easily created showing the current status of sites within a specific gas supply zone.

Site data may be manually or automatically exported into other formats, including CSV, for further manipulation in spreadsheet packages. Fully compliant OPC Server with OPC AE (Alarm and Event) and OPC HDA (Historical Data) protocol components, recorded data and alarms can be sent to other client machines also supporting OPC AE and HDA. Facilitates export of meter indices for billing and offline meter read analysis.


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